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Spontaneous Hilarity

This month's theme at day school is "Arctic Animals". I figured it was seasonally appropriate (even though we've barely seen snow). I had grandiose plans of making lots of crafts having to do with arctic animals, but I didn't make it to the craft store before the school week started so I've kinda been winging it with the crafting.

I had purchased these cute little arctic animals from Michael's with the hope of making a sensory bin with play snow to talk about camouflage, but again---didn't make it back to the craft store. So there we were having our snack, when I decided to break out the animals and start introducing the kids to them.

We happened to be eating raisins that day, and I couldn't help but notice the raisins seemed to look like appropriately sized animal turds. Yeah, that's right---animal turds. Always one for toilet humor, I took one of the animals and pretended that it had accidentally pooped on the table. The kids LOST IT. They started giggling hysterically and I couldn't help but roll with it. It wasn't long before we were into full fart sounds and turds dropping from the sky. Probably not the most school-appropriate, but when I hear laughter like that, I want nothing more than to keep it going!

So there's really nothing educational about this post, except for the fact that everyone poops and that poop is real funny. I got a brief video clip of the laughter----hope it brightens your day!

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