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I like to plan field trips in the winter months. The kids get stir crazy, as do I, and it's a way to gear the month's lesson toward a crescendo. I knew I wanted to take the kiddos to the butterfly pavilion this winter, because its always such a warm and lovely escape from the winter chill. Plus, the butterflies are rad.

We spent the month learning about the butterfly's life cycle, various spiders, (not a bug, technically an arachnid), centipedes (also not technically a bug it turns out), flies, and the like. Our lessons were punctuated by outside time spent turning over rotted logs to see what scurried beneath.

As exhausting as field trips can be with 6 littles, they are always rewarding. I love seeing the kids' faces light up as they learn about their beautiful world and all the fascinating creatures that reside within it. If you haven't checked out the Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield, be sure to stop by and take your kid. It's awesome!

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