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Bring on the Warm Weather!

To be honest, I didn't write this post in May. I'm writing it in July. I made a goal to write a daycare blog post every month and since I missed a few, I'm retroactively catching up.

Because summer becomes a little disjointed with vacations and camping trips sprinkling the weeks, I find it hard to hold a routine during this time. It has become sort of an unofficial tradition in the summer time to loosen the reigns on the structure of school and let kids be kids and let me be me. I allow the kids and myself to slow down the pace a little, be outside, and just play.

In that spirit, this blog will lack a little substance, but I do want to post some pictures from May because I do find that, like the garden, the kids start shooting up and growing like crazy in the summer months and I want to document that spurt. So here are some photos from May:

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