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Meet Miss Joni

This month, Joan Johnson joined our staff here at Dragonfly. Lovingly called "Miss Joni" by the kiddos, she comes to us with a background steeped in childcare settings, and with a fresh wave of enthusiasm.

When I interviewed Joni, one of the things that sealed the deal for me was that she emphasized how much she missed being around kids. She had come from a center setting, and they had more or less cramped her style (the whole reason I didn't go into public education, but that's another story). For me, being a stay at home mom for the last four years and running a daycare on top of that had me longing for a little distance from children, so to hear someone say all they wanted to do was be around them again---music to my ears!

Since she has come aboard, the kids have taken to her quickly. She brings her own cache of learning materials, music, and experience and her patience is amazing to watch. She is a true asset to the program.

Currently I work Mondays and Wednesdays, and Miss Joni works Tuesdays and Thursdays. This break for me and paring down of my hours has been immensely beneficial for restoring balance in my life as a mom, daycare provider, and owner/operator of two small businesses. I don't feel burnt out anymore and I can be with the kids in a way that feels more present and enjoyable.

Thank you to all of the daycare parents for enduring the transition and for your continued patronage!

Until next time....

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