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Our Very First Graduation

I've had lots of kids leave my care over the last three years, but this month, one of my kiddos is leaving to go off to kindergarten. Since he is my first to officially "graduate", and since his departure happened to coincide with two other littles leaving my care, I decided it was high time to throw a graduation party.

This gave me an opportunity to honor the kids who were leaving, and to simultaneously welcome the new kids coming in. It was also a chance for the parents of the kids to get to know each other beyond the quick hellos exchanged at drop off.

We had a good old fashioned pot luck, a little movie presentation, and a brief ceremony that ended with the kids running through a tunnel made of parent arms, to commemorate the passage of their time here at school. It was really sweet and the video is too cute not to share. I had a good chuckle at little J running straight into the camera too.

I think it is important to honor each other with ceremonies from time to time. There is a community created around a school and I think that our first graduation was a way to strengthen that community. I look forward to another great year of care!

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